Saturday, March 5, 2011

Let’s help each other to Succeed in Making Money online!
To be successful at creating income online there are certain tools an internet marketer should use for any campaign whether it be promoting one product or a storefront business. Sure, there are still companies promoting with direct mail and sending brochures by snail mail and it still works or we would not be receiving them in our mailbox. However, this is the age of the internet and things are done a little differently, yet some of the principles still apply such as creating a mailing list, preselling the product, enticing buyers with special offers and free gifts.

So what are theses certain tools that are a “must-have” for any successful online business? Ask any experienced internet marketer what tools are almost always needed to succeed at making money on the internet? The answer will most likely be you should use at least some of the following web tools when promoting your products.

1.) Capture Page. Also know as a “Lead” capture page or squeeze page. The purpose of this one pager is to presell the main product, business or service and to get potential customers or buyers to opt-in, give you their name and email address, which is worth its weight in gold. Some experts say that each lead is worth about $1.00. I believe it to be worth far more in the long run. Never ask for money on a capture page. Most people will immediately click that X in the top-right corner. Collecting all those names is like depositing money in your bank account. After your potential buyers “opt-in”, they are redirected to the main product page where the product is promoted with exaggeration in most cases so the potential buyer becomes excited. Sometimes they are redirected to free offers such as an eBook or useful software. Either way, you now have permission to promote your products to your “Leads” to promote other products.

Okay, so what other tools are useful for the internet marketer to succeed?

2.) Autoresponder. When the potential buyer opts-in to your Capture Page, you need to keep that person interested in what you have to offer. So an Autoresponder is a very useful tool to follow up with messages to help convince your “Lead” that your product is something they can use that will help them. There are many Autoresponders to choose from. Some are free such as ListWire and other charge a small monthly fee such as aWeber and GetResponse. An autoresponder also gives the person the option to opt-out if they no longer want to receive your offers. There are also Capture Pages that have Autoresponders built into it. Click Here to see an example.

That is two of the main tools needed, so what other tools can help to promote your products?

3.) Lead Scraper. A lead scraper automatically extracts data such as names, email addresses and phone numbers from websites such as Craigslist, Backpage, eBay Classifieds to name a few, and of course the Search Engines and Directories. After it crawls through the internet maze and captures the information you ask for, it will upload that information into a CSV format in a program such as MS Office Excel Spreadsheet or OpenOffice.

So after you compile all those tens of thousands of phone numbers what good are they unless you have a way to use the phone numbers to promote your products?

4.) Voice Broadcasting System. This useful tool gives you the capability to upload all those phone numbers then blast out a voice message to all your leads. Simply record a brief, to-the-point voice advertisement promoting your products, service or business and include your contact information to learn more about your products.
It is all legal and the system gives the customer the option to never receive a call again by just pressing a number on the telephone keypad. The cost to the promoter to send a voice broadcast varies from under a penny to five cents a minute to broadcast your message.

Well, that is four tools that will help an internet marketer a great deal. Are there any other tools to help increase success?

5.) Email Blasters. This tool works basically the same as the Voice Broadcasting System, except you send your promotional ad to the Email addresses. I am sure we all have received them in our inbox. I actually receive hundreds each day. However, caution is needed here when “Blasting” out hundreds or thousands of emails! Make very sure the email addresses are already from interested people that have already double opted-in to receive offer that are of interest to them. The government has strict policies about spamming. I can remember many years ago, I received hundreds of spam emails daily and I could not unsubscribe! I tried replying to the emails to take me off their lists, but that took all day and still did not work. I ended the spams by removing my email account from my ISP!
So only acquire emails from a reputable company that can prove that each person did indeed sign up to receive more information about that certain subject you are going to promote.

Well, I am sure there are many more tools that will help us all to become better internet marketers and make us more money, which is the name of the game.

If anyone would like to comment and make suggestions that will “Help” everyone here, please contribute to this Blog. I am sure new and experience internet marketers can benefit from each other.

Until next Blog, thank you and GREAT success to all.